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Spanish Camp en Llanes

Language Immersion Program in Llanes

Easter 2020

Learn spanish having fun in Asturias!

Llanes is a small coastal town in eastern Asturias. It has 50 kilometers of coast, 32 wonderful beaches and a spectacular landscape.

This program has been designed to assure that youngsters learn Spanish while they enjoy their stay in an environment in which every detail has been taken care of to make them feel as if they were at home.

To youngsters from 12 to 16 years old

Spanish Lessons

International Atmosphere in Asturias

Live an absolute Spanish experience to discover the culture and the natural environment of Asturias.

Spanish lessons every morning, with native teachers, in small groups and separated by levels of knowledge. In addition, the cultural trips and the activities proposed will also be in Spanish. Learning a language requires big effort and dedication. We will make it enjoyable but the pupils will have to work in order to reach their goals. 

The course contains 20 hours of lessons per week in groups of 10 students maximum, making sure they receive personal attention to their needs. From Monday to Friday, they will study Spanish during 4 hours (with some breaks in between!). Weekends will be spent exploring the region and discovering more about the local culture. 

The course will be taught by Peak Me Languages, a local Spanish school, with high qualified teachers and experience in teaching for more than 7 years, designing language programs and learning materials to learn a language in a fun and structured environment. Formal sessions are combined with activities in which the students have the opportunity to interact with local people and learn the most interesting things about food and culture.

The use of games, videos and other audiovisual materials, as well as other activities such as cooking, make their lessons a fun and effective experience that will turn into a positive memory for our students during a long timeafter they have returned home.

They will learn how to use the language in daily life


Charming country houses 2 km from Llanes


Primorías Llanes is  a combination of 4 charming rural houses, connected 2 by 2, inside a 5.300 m2 property and located at La Pereda, a tiny village 2 kilometres from Llanes city centre. It is a family company with a wide experience in rural tourism in Spain.

Each house has capacity for 10 to 15 people inside a 200 m2 area, divided in two flats. It is a place designed for them to feel at home.

Bedrooms are shared by 2 or 3 people, and each house has 3 bathrooms.

Day Trips

Asturian Culture

The program complements the lessons with cultural visits, completely in Spanish.

These activities will offer another vision of the culture and asturian gastronomy. It is programmed, at least, a full day trip and two half-day trips during their two-week stay.

  • Examples of full-day trip: visit to Covadonga’s Sanctuary, cave and lakes in Picos de Europa National Park, Cangas de Onís or Museums like the Jurassic one.
  • Examples of half-day trip: visit to Tito Bustillo’s Cave, with prehistoric paintings, Ribadesella, a traditional family-run cheese factory or a visit to the village of Llanes.
Covadonga's Lakes
Medieval bridge at Cangas de Onís


Sport as a way of communication

SURF is the main sports activity of the camp. They will practice several days during the stay. The lessons are given by a qualified team of surf instructors, who belong to an official school of the Asturian Surf Federation. They are always supervised by a senior technician in physical and sports activities.

If it’s their first time surfing, our team will teach everything they need to stand up on the board and catch their first waves. If they already have some experience, they will be able to enjoy advanced classes in order to improve their technique.

In addition, to increase outdoors activity time, so as to enjoy as much as they can and make friends during the camp, we have programmed:

      • Canopy
      • Trekking
      • Beach games
      • Gymkhana
      • Skate
      • Cinema
      • Night games

Youngsters will be accompanied by our team 24 hours a day and also supervised by a camp coordinator


Healthy and balanced food

For us, diet is very important. Doing sport requires a special energy support. We take care of the menu and the quality of the food to assure that our campers are healthy and enjoy everything we offer.

The day starts with a delicious breakfast. After the activity a great meal waits for them to recover energy. Fruit will always be available and dinner will be light and pleasing, letting them rest to be ready and fresh the next morning.

In the afternoon a snack will also be offered. Always healthy food and with nutritive value.

Menus can be adapted to cater for special requirements

Day program

A typical day at the camp

7:00Wake up! Time for personal hygiene and tidy the room up a bit
7:15Yoga to prepare our bodies, inside or outside, depending on the weather
9:00Spanish lessons
13:30Homemade meal, healthy and balanced
18:00Free time to relax or have a shower
19:00 Dinner
20:30Night games
22:00 Time to sleep. Older children can stay up a little longer if they are quiet and relaxed. At 23:00 everybody in bed!

Schedule can be adapted depending on the weather, number of people, etc..

Dates and Rates

Easter 2020


(7 nights)


Option 1: from 5th to 12nd of April

Option 2: from 12nd to 19th of April

1.150 €



(14 nights)

From 5th to 19th of April

1.850 €


The rates could only be modified by differences between the date of flights

Depending on the departing airport the dates of the camp could vary

What is included:

  • Transfer from/to the airport.
  • Full board accommodation.
  • Daily Spanish Lessons (20 hours per week).
  • Surf course of 9 hours in the week program and 18 hours in the fortnight program.
  • Activities and materials.
  • Teachers’ supervision 24 hours.
  • Insurance.

What is NOT included:

  • Flights.
  • Pocket money for personal expenses.

Group Living

We are on holidays and this is time to enjoy. So as to make everything work perfectly, we must respect some rules that make our stay more pleasant and fun.

Youngsters must obey teachers’ indications at every moment. Respect between each other is a must. We want to create all together a great experience, in an environment of inclusivity and solidarity.

Poor behaviours will be penalized.

Hours of rest must be respected, mainly from 23:00 til 7:00. Everyone rest is important.

The use of mobile phones, tablets or other devices with an internet connection is forbidden during the camp. We will give a day during the week to contact their families. We know that this rule improves the experience.

Money for their personal expenses should be a small amount, activities are programmed all day and they will have little time to spend it. We recommend bringing less than 60€, in case they want to buy a souvenir or an ice cream. They should keep their money and it’s their responsibility.

If a student has special medication, it must be given to the coordinator with a guideline of how to use it. Youngsters never have medicines with them.

We have an accident insurance, but students must bring their medical insurance card (European Health Insurance Card) or a private medical insurance card.



Bring comfortable and fast dry clothes. We recommend cotton ones.

    • 3 long trousers and 2 shorts
    • 6 T-shirts and 3 long sleeve shirts
    • 2 jumpers
    • 1 coat
    • 1 raincoat
    • 1 cap or a hat for the sun
    • Underwear for each day
    • 2 pyjamas
    • Comfortable walking shoes or trainers
    • Flip-flops for the beach
    • 1 torch (optional)



For surfing lessons mainly.

    • 2 swimming suits
    • 1 towel
    • Flip-flops
    • Sunscreen



Toothbrush and toothpaste
Body lotion



    • Sanitary card
    • Medication
    • Personal money
    • Personal laundry bag
    • Water bottle or flask



608 784 784




Lunes a viernes: 8:00 a 20:00
Sábados y domingos: 9:00 a 20:00



1.BOOKINGS. Booking will be settled when accompanied by the corresponding registration forms, as well as 25% deposit of the total amount. The remaining 75% should be payed 15 days before the starting of the camp.
In case of last minute bookings, within less than 15 days, it has be payed the total amount of the camp.
It will be cancelled every booking with incorrect or invalid data. At the same time, it will be cancelled in a period of a week from the filling of the registration form, any booking without the proper reservation rate.

2. CANCELLATIONS. The stablished amount of money for the reservation wont be refunded in case of cancellation.

In case the number of participants don’t reach 10 members, the registration could be cancelled, refunding all the deposit.

3. PENALTY. The organization holds the right to expel from the camp anyone whose behaviour is unethical. In this case, deposit wont be refunded.

4. ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Use of mobile phones, tablets or any other device with internet connection, is FORBIDDEN during the camp. There will be a day in the middle of the week for them to contact with their families to tell them their adventures. In our experience we know that this rule improves the development of the camp.

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